Tradition and Innovation: these are the most important features of craftsmen group VERNIFER-a company and a small firm made of artisans, who work the wrought iron, using a special technique that combines artisan tradition and new technologies; they produce unique and original goods, so the customer can feel the emotions of a past that dives into the future. Vernifer group, was created in 1974, when three masters-artisans decided to joined their experiences and realize a factory for the working of wrought iron. Today VERNIFER is in the middle of the Tuscan Region, so-called Chianti Senese with an area of about 3000 square metres.


The historical roots of our group are closey related to the work of wrought iron, especially in the rural culture and countryside of our territory; so V.became a great part of a cultural tradition, dating back the XIX centuries artisans, when they made just and only the shoeing of the horses or built tools and instruments to be used to work the fields or/and in the woods. In the second half of the XIX centuries three craftsmen, coming from Gaiole combined their working experiences to build VERNIFER factory.

Their main purpose was to melt their way of working with the new industrial world and proposing a new range of articles, items, built according to the ancient and traditional way, but in which it is possible to see and feel the classic and fascinating taste of the past. Vernifer has its seat in Gaiole in Chianti, Siena.


Our link to the tradition and opening to the innovation allow us to offer different suggestions in wrought iron that perfectly fit both in historical-artistic environments both in the new buildings. The constant research of new material together with the study of the new workmanship allow us to obtain excellent results not only with the wrought iron but also with aluminium (wich properly worked and painted-blends with any kind of environment).

You'll find in our factory kindness and competence, we'll be at your complete disposal to help and suggest the best solution and to satisfy your desires.