Structural metal carpentry

Objects in steel for building

The company is certified for the construction and supply of structural metal carpentry for building: load-bearing structures, interventions concerning the anti-seismic such as hooping, perimeter frameworks of coverings, back up of existing works and everything is needed in the field of building.

We are the benchmark for construction companies and professionals such as engineers, architects and surveyors.

Thanks to the competence acquired over the years, the structured organization and the flexibility of the production processes, we are able to offer in a very short time resistant and durable solutions of structural metal carpentry.

We produce metal and structural carpentry works for building constructions following the specific designer project, but we also have engineers who handle the project in terms of static.

We offer the assembly and maintenance service for each of our products.

Some companies that have chosen us as partner: Ing. Ferrari, Baldanzi e Rosi, Rossi Claudio e C. snc, Big Blu.

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